Regal Empress Final Sailing from Port Everglades – Video

Captured on video, exclusively by InletCam!

The Regal Empress was also the last vintage passenger ship to regularly sail from the United States.

Her last voyage took place on March 6, 2009. On March 9, 2009 the Regal Empress was retired by Imperial Majesty Cruise Line. She was laid up for sale and inspection in Freeport, Bahamas until late March. It was reported by Maritime Matters on March 26 that the Regal Empress was sold for scrap.

The Regal Empress was replaced by a newer ship, the MS Bahamas Celebration. The new ship carries on the same cruise itineraries as the Regal Empress did. However, the Bahamas Celebration is currently operating for a new cruise line, Celebration Cruise Line. The new cruise line is owned by the same company that had operated the Regal Empress.

The Regal Empress departed Freeport in early April to sail to her final destination in Alang. Her voyage took over 3 months to complete. During her voyage, she was renamed the Regal Tmpress. She was beached on 24 July 2009. In October, scrapping began starting from the bow of the ship. The demolition of the ship was completed in early 2010.